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Writer and editor of Pop Verse. Co-host of Breaking the Glass Slipper. My special interests include publishing, creative writing, and geekery.

The Acquirers: Cheshire Catting

Cheshire Catting Huzzah, everyone is fully clothed in this strip which is something to celebrate. In other news we are getting close to wrapping up this super convoluted plot this week. So come back on Thursday for the season finale! ...

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The Acquirers: Subtle Plot Exposition

Subtle Plot Exposition So I lied in the last post… there is at least one more man nipple in this strip but that’s the lot i promise! Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the comic here. Written by Stephen Flockton ...

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A changing industry and the tantrums

The publishing industry has been in chaos for the past few years. The digital world brought with it too many questions, and no one was willing to openly embrace the new opportunities that came with rapidly changing technology. Instead of ...

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The Acquirers: Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Okay I promise this is the last strip with partial nudity . I will refrain from any more man nipples for at least the next three strips. Stay tuned for Thursday’s comic where I actually attempt to ...

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White House Down

This review contains spoilers… or does it? If you’ve seen Die Hard, you have seen this film. Sure, White House Down has a bit of Independence Day and Air Force One thrown in as well, but you can probably guess ...

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Your new favourite show might be online only

The Guild

With the advent of new technology comes a myriad of opportunity. The Internet allowed for a great number of things such as social media, blogs, media streaming, and online shopping. Media, in all its guises, has been fundamentally altered by ...

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The Acquirers: Obligatory Car Chase

Obligatory Car Chase So it looks like Al finally got his comeuppance and I managed to squeeze in a fruit joke (see what I did there?) If you have any more fruit related puns you would like to add sound ...

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