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Writer and editor of Pop Verse. Co-host of Breaking the Glass Slipper. My special interests include publishing, creative writing, and geekery.

The Acquirers: NDA on RDA

NDA on RDA The original script for this called for a dodgy looking bar patron. Ash somehow managed to interpret that as a cross between Aragorn and Noel Fielding. In either case I can only read the script in Noel’s voice. ...

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The Acquirers: The Dusty Weasel

The Dusty Weasel So our heroes have retreated to their favorite watering hole The Dusty Weasel. We had a lot of fun with this strip, there are a lot of great bar/pub scenes that we wanted to include but we only ...

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Interview with Theo Fearing: Must-hear new indie music

This week, Pop Verse interviewed 22-year-old independent singer-songwriter Theo Fearing. Theo released his new track ‘Boxes’ on July 22nd on the Australian Heads With Tales label. Based in London, Theo is originally from Perth, Western Australia. With musical influences ranging ...

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Blacksad: Graphic novels are for adults

Occasionally I get in a jazz and blues mood. On Thursday I started listening to my collection of women singing the blues, and by Saturday I was deep into Louis Armstrong. So I suppose it was something akin to fate ...

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The Acquirers: SuperBat

SuperBat I’m oddly intrigued about the Superman/Batman crossover that was revealed during SDCC. On the one hand it will be amazing to see two giants of the film/comic book world in the same film together (The franchises have made a ...

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The Acquirers: Face of Evil

Face of Evil Well today we finally see the face of evil over at DC Entertainment although it raises more questions then it answers. We have been trying  a new way of scanning and uploading the comics today. Sound off ...

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