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Writer and editor of Pop Verse. Co-host of Breaking the Glass Slipper. My special interests include publishing, creative writing, and geekery.

The Acquirers: Face of Evil

Face of Evil Well today we finally see the face of evil over at DC Entertainment although it raises more questions then it answers. We have been trying  a new way of scanning and uploading the comics today. Sound off ...

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The Acquirers: Buckle Like A Belt

Buckle Like A Belt You should recognise the costumes Ash is cunningly hiding under the table from a previous comic. Is this the last we see of the DTA? Make sure you catch the next thrilling installment right here on ...

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The Acquirers: Mouse Police

Mouse Police Now that Disney own Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm it makes sense that they have their own suit wearing agents to keep tabs on their assets. Jethro Tull foresaw it back in 1978! Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the ...

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The Acquirers: Had Better Days

Had Better Days If today’s comic looks familiar, its because its our little tribute to Joss Whedon’s cult classic TV show Firefly. If you want to relive the glorious moment take a look at the video below (The scene starts ...

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