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The Acquirers: Obligatory Car Chase

Obligatory Car Chase So it looks like Al finally got his comeuppance and I managed to squeeze in a fruit joke (see what I did there?) If you have any more fruit related puns you would like to add sound ...

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The Acquirers: This Land

This Land And finally, after 15 strips, we reveal how we ended up with a naked butt in the desert. There were some who said it couldn’t be done, the same people also said I couldn’t get three Firefly references in ...

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The Acquirers: Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground I watched X-Men: First Class again recently and it’s got me on something of a Kevin Bacon kick (hence the tribute in today’s strip). In that spirit I’m just going to leave this picture here with no ...

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The Acquirers: Trust Me

Trust Me Just like Elysium added some interesting Sci-Fi to the blockbuster summer, so do we here at the Acquirers with today’s comic. Like many of the previous comics it raises more questions then it answers but rest assured i’m no J.J.Abrams, ...

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The Acquirers: Only one careful owner

Only one careful owner For Sale: One Cargo Truck, only one careful Nazi Owner. 1936 registration. Some minor cosmetic damage (bullet holes), full service history. Would make excellent first car for a teenager. Room for 6 storm-troopers plus equipment. Curious ...

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The Acquirers: Norf Africa!

Norf Africa! Eagle eyed readers may have noticed Al has turned up in another comic (see its not just Marvel that can do universe building) and once again we have a face palm. (Maybe we should start an Acquirers drinking game?) ...

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