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The Acquirers: Introductions

Introductions Ashley has reliably informed me that the Japanese text on the final panel does have a real (and relevant) English translation. Anyone fancy having a go at translating? Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the comic here. Written ...

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The Acquirers: Full Metal Cardigan

Full Metal Cardigan Today’s marine uniform was modeled after the uniquely talented Ronald Lee Ermey.  Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the comic here. Written by Stephen Flockton and Illustrated by Ashley Walker.

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The Acquirers: We don’t need another hero!

We don’t need another hero! I’ve been arguing with some friends about whether or not  the “welcome to thunderdome” line is good grammar. I’ve heard of lot of people add ‘the’ into the sentence (including myself). I’m sure somewhere on ...

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The Acquirers: Interviews

Interviews The original pitch for the queuing panel was top have the crew from classic british  film The Full Monty recreating the famous dole queue  scene Unfortunately they are not particularly visually striking and so you get Mary Poppins instead. Enjoy! Curious ...

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The Acquirers: Help Wanted

Help Wanted That’s right a three panel joke like a real web-comic! If anyone has any more job adverts for fictional characters we would love to hear em in the comments. Make sure you come back on Thursday for the ...

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