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Writer and editor of Pop Verse. Co-host of Breaking the Glass Slipper. My special interests include publishing, creative writing, and geekery.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Worlds

The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson Cover Art

On September 30th, Penny Arcade ran a comic, ‘Sanderfuge’. It poked fun at the obsessive Brandon Sanderson fans who go on and on about the magic systems and worlds he creates in his fiction. I think it would be easy ...

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The Acquirers: Help Wanted

Help Wanted That’s right a three panel joke like a real web-comic! If anyone has any more job adverts for fictional characters we would love to hear em in the comments. Make sure you come back on Thursday for the ...

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Exported Culture

It has always been easy to travel as an English speaker. Over the years, I’ve met many Europeans around my age and I feel terribly ignorant and lazy. Most of them speak numerous languages – fluently. I speak English, and ...

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The Acquirers: New beginnings

New beginnings A little Acquirers trivia today: This comic was originally written and drawn several months ago. We shelved the comic because the arc was convoluted enough as it was. However I like the joke and its one of the first ...

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The changing nature of time travel stories

The distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, however persistent. Albert Einstein When I was young, I had a lot of trouble sleeping. My parents tried everything – from soothing music to almost meditation techniques, I was ...

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