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Mimi is a horror fan, keen to separate the terrifying from the tame. Marketer by day and macabre by night, her Wikipedia rabbit holes include serial killers and the foley artist for The Exorcist. Also likes puppies.

Creep: Found footage done right

It’s pretty much accepted that the found footage subgenre is dead. What captivated me in The Blair Witch Project, started to annoy me in Paranormal Activity 2 and outright bored me in Cloverfield. The shaky cam, the jolt to a ...

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HEX: Maybe we’re the monsters

In the rich tapestry of fiction, modern horror has been worn threadbare. Finding an original idea, not to mention one that is genuinely chilling, is becoming increasingly difficult. HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt valiantly hits home on the former, but ...

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