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Humphrey Bogart And Lauren Bacall In The Big Sleep

Lauren Bacall: Strong, sexy, and savvy

Lauren Bacall taught me how to be sexy. Forget Marilyn Monroe or Bette Davis, Bacall was the only woman to have the perfect balance of beauty, intelligence, and strength of character. I still remember my mother coming home with a box set of VHS tapes containing Casablanca, The Big Sleep, ...

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Awesome Movie Soundtracks

Guardians of the Galaxy is now a certifiable hit with its opening weekend reaching $94.3 million dollars domestically. It has been critically acclaimed for its excellent script and cast managing to create a story that is both humorous and touching at the same time. Many have commented that the use ...

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Political satire with John Oliver

John Oliver is my new hero. I loved him on Community but I didn’t catch any of his appearances on The Daily Show. Now that he has his own series on HBO (and let’s face it, who else would have him?), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, I can’t get enough. This ballsy Englishman ...

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Jemma Wayne

After Before: If one is found, at least the other survives

The subject matter of After Before is far from a barrel of laughs: genocide and terminal cancer with another harrowing event thrown in for good measure that for spoiler-free reasons I can’t elaborate on here. As the title may suggest, this is a novel about the past and the present ...

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Guardians of the Galaxy: No raccoons or tree creatures were harmed during the making of this film.

It is hard when a film is surrounded by as much hype as Guardians of the Galaxy has been. Marvel’s attempts to big up a very different kind of film in its recent oeuvre is understandable, they wanted the cinema going public to know who these characters were and be ...

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: If we go to war, we could lose all we’ve built.

Allegory. Simple and effective. Allegory is where science fiction really thrives and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes uses this for all it’s worth. The conspiracies, political intrigue, imminent war, and more – in both the human and ape camps – could be applied to almost any political setting ...

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cover truth is a cave cropped

Neil Gaiman live at the Barbican

Neil Gaiman tweeted that he was going to be performing at the Barbican in London. I dropped what I was doing and headed immediately to the Barbican’s website and bought my tickets. That was back in January. When July finally rolled around, I was excited to see Neil in action, ...

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Creative Industries



David Mitchell’s new Twitter-published story, The Right Sort

Following in the footsteps of other authors who have used Twitter as a storytelling medium (such as Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, and Jennifer Egan), Mitchell has begun publishing a 6,000 word story on Twitter. The story will play out over 280 tweets, published in the next 7 days, with 20 ...

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New Harry Potter story by Rowling

The World Cup in Brazil has spread sport fever all over the world… and in other worlds. JK Rowling has been writing about the Quidditch World Cup to coincide with the Muggle football (or soccer, depending where you’re from) World Cup. The final article in this series will go up ...

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Cult show Community picked up for a 6th Season

The cult sitcom Community was cancelled by NBC after the show’s fifth season and for a while it looked like the show’s cheeky references to “Six Seasons & a Movie!” were not to be. Thankfully, the fans prayers have been answered and Sony Pictures Television have announced that season six of Community will ...

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First teaser for Mockingjay Part 1 drops

The first teaser trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 has dropped. For those of us who have read (and loved) the books, the clip might mean a bit more. There’s very little given away in the clip, a Presidential address to the citizens of Panem, featuring President Snow and Peeta, all ...

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