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I began this site as a form of procrastination. After finishing a two-year creative writing diploma, I realized that the only reason I had been a prolific fiction writer was the deadlines. Once the deadlines disappeared, my creative brain dried up. While I hated all my fiction ideas and despaired over not being able to start anything new, I remembered how much I liked sharing my opinion. And I have many opinions. So here they are, enjoy my procrastination.

I wanted the site to be more than just a blog, more than an archive of reviews, and more like a magazine. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is a collection of random thoughts, mostly linked to the central theme of pop culture. I hope to write reviews, comments/thoughts, as well as helpful life stuff. Over the years I have met a lot of people in many different industries and walks of life, who I hope to tap for information. Some of it may be useful to you, some of it might just be interesting, but hopefully something on the site will catch your eye and keep you coming back!

I aim to update the site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

– Megan Leigh

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