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The Almighties

With the popular consciousness of comics so dominated by the BIG TWO and their movie-fodder superhero fare, it is nice to get a chance to dip into the independent alternatives. Life on the fringes comes with all manner of originality ...

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To the Edge of Shadows by Joanne Graham

Back in 2012, Joanne Graham won the Luke Bitmead Bursary for her debut novel, the largest bursary for unpublished writers in the UK, run by Legend Press. Lacey’s House received a lot of praise and made its way to the ...

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Charm Offensive by William Thacker

Meet Joe Street ‘…former education secretary. The fallen minister. The lost politician’. Thacker’s narrative, Charm Offensive, charts the somewhat bleak and miserable life of protagonist Joe Street as he attempts salvation from a political (and personal) crisis. Following a scandal ...

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We shouldn’t focus only on comics published by mainstream publishers. There are a lot of independent comics published too. Today I am looking at ‘Geek Girl #0’, published by independent publisher Actuality Press, started by Geek-Girl’s creator, Sam Johnson. The ...

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