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The Acquirers: The Dusty Weasel

The Dusty Weasel


So our heroes have retreated to their favorite watering hole The Dusty Weasel. We had a lot of fun with this strip, there are a lot of great bar/pub scenes that we wanted to include but we only have so much space.

Can you count every reference in the strip? Bonus points if you can name the film/TV show it’s from. Answers in the comments below and we’ll organize a prize if someone gets them all.

Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the comic here.

Written by Stephen Flockton and Illustrated by Ashley Walker.

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  1. Inglorious Bastards (Nazi impersonator asking for 3), Withnail and I (painting), Star Trek (Romulan Ales), Shaun of the Dead (the Winchester shotgun), Risky Business (bartender), The Simpsons (Duff & Flaming Moe), James Bond (shaken Martini), The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster), Pirates of the Caribbean (but why is all the run gone?), Star Wars (arrtoodeetoo), The Fellowship of the Ring (Strider) 🙂
    How many did I miss/just not know?

  2. Argh, please forgive the typos above!

  3. Impressive sleuthing Shivers, There are at least 23 but it depends on how you count. As a clue there is more then one Star Wars reference.

  4. Withnail & I (portrait)
    Inglorious Basterds (Nazis in the corner)
    The Shining (Jack at the bar)
    Star Trek (Romulan Ale)
    Shaun of the Dead (Rifle above the bar)
    Pirates of the Carribean (Rum – GONE)
    Groundhog Day (Sweet vermouth)
    Star Wars – (Blue Milk and R2-D2)
    Lord of the Rings (Strider in the corner)
    Cocktail (Tom Cruise flaring behind the bar)
    Family Guy (Pawtucket Patriot)
    The Simpsons (Duff and Flaming Moe)
    James Bond (Martini – shaken, not stirred)
    Hithchikers Guide to the Galaxy (Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster)
    Mad Men (French ’75)
    Blues Brothers (Orange Whip?)

    And now I’m stuck.

  5. I must say im a little disapointed that no one got the Naked Gun 2 white russian reference

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