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Mad Max: Fury Road – Black & Chrome

This is an interesting return to cinemas for a film whose reputation is already outlasting a lot of its peers from 2015. Mad Max: Fury Road finds itself at cinemas once more, this time screened in the monochrome version that ...

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Mad Max: Fury Road

The fourth installment of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic series Mad Max sees Tom Hardy taking up the mantle of the titular Max. The film has been awarded almost universal acclaim, praising the acting, directing, and depth for a blockbuster action film. ...

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The Acquirers: Full Metal Cardigan

Full Metal Cardigan Today’s marine uniform was modeled after the uniquely talented Ronald Lee Ermey.  Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the comic here. Written by Stephen Flockton and Illustrated by Ashley Walker.

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The Acquirers: We don’t need another hero!

We don’t need another hero! I’ve been arguing with some friends about whether or not  the “welcome to thunderdome” line is good grammar. I’ve heard of lot of people add ‘the’ into the sentence (including myself). I’m sure somewhere on ...

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