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A Bigger Splash: Everyone’s obscene.

The world’s biggest rock star, Marianne Lane, has lost her voice and is recovering on a sun-kissed Italian island with her lover, Paul. Restive paradise is shattered, however, by the arrival of her boisterous producer, and former lover, Harry. Bubbling ...

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Where to begin? The totality of human existence. A harsh life in the unremitting cold. The binds of family. Bitter feuds and recrimination. Moments of abject violence. No, I am not talking about The Revenant. This is Rams. It’s a ...

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Spotlight: They knew and they let it happen

Spotlight is another of the major awards contenders this year, having won acclamation from critic organisations and festivals around the globe. It is one of the more conventional outings in the already formally conservative Best Picture category, but I am ...

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