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The Acquirers: New beginnings

New beginnings A little Acquirers trivia today: This comic was originally written and drawn several months ago. We shelved the comic because the arc was convoluted enough as it was. However I like the joke and its one of the first ...

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The Acquirers: Cheshire Catting

Cheshire Catting Huzzah, everyone is fully clothed in this strip which is something to celebrate. In other news we are getting close to wrapping up this super convoluted plot this week. So come back on Thursday for the season finale! ...

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The Acquirers: Subtle Plot Exposition

Subtle Plot Exposition So I lied in the last post… there is at least one more man nipple in this strip but that’s the lot i promise! Curious about The Acquirers? Read more about the comic here. Written by Stephen Flockton ...

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The Acquirers: Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Okay I promise this is the last strip with partial nudity . I will refrain from any more man nipples for at least the next three strips. Stay tuned for Thursday’s comic where I actually attempt to ...

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The Acquirers: Obligatory Car Chase

Obligatory Car Chase So it looks like Al finally got his comeuppance and I managed to squeeze in a fruit joke (see what I did there?) If you have any more fruit related puns you would like to add sound ...

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The Acquirers: This Land

This Land And finally, after 15 strips, we reveal how we ended up with a naked butt in the desert. There were some who said it couldn’t be done, the same people also said I couldn’t get three Firefly references in ...

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