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Writer and editor of Pop Verse. Co-host of Breaking the Glass Slipper. My special interests include publishing, creative writing, and geekery.

The Acquirers #5.5

The Cosmic Cube Part 5 The last panel on this strip is Ash’s favorite so far and its hard not to agree with him; Freeman has the most magical expression. The transformers costumes you will be glad to know are ...

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The Acquirers #5.4

The Cosmic Cube Part 4 I don’t think it is possible for a pop culture web-comic like ours to let the Xbone announcement pass without comment. For the benefit of non-gamer readers the new console generation has been unveiled by ...

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The Acquirers #5.3

The Cosmic Cube Part 3 Today marks the Acquirers Thursday debut, from now on we’ll be publishing twice a week on Tuesday and Thursdays. If you have never been to a con now is a great time to find one. ...

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The Acquirers #5.2

The Cosmic Cube Part 2 If you were wondering what the furry guest stars in today’s strip are then take a look at this YouTube video which will explain everything. In other amazing news The Acquirers will be moving to ...

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Deerskin by Robin McKinley

It is no secret that I love Robin McKinley. The book that I most often reread is The Hero and the Crown, a favourite of mine since I was a child. Having previously only known her as a children’s writer, ...

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The Acquirers #5.1

The Cosmic Cube Part 1 It’s serious business for The Acquirers this week as we have the first of our multi-part series ‘The Cosmic Cube’! Who is the mysterious woman? What plans does she have for our heroes? Find out ...

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